Hello, and thanks for visiting my shop. My name is Mike McGlumphy, and I’m the owner and founder of GLU3D Prints LLC, a small family-run business that specializes in designing and selling original and unique items for decorating, gift-giving, special occasions, and general enjoyment. 

My wife, Yulia, and I do all of the work, with our two school-aged daughters, Emma and Laura, acting as moral support. And our cat, Dinah, may occasionally crash our photography sessions. But ultimately, I’m the evil mastermind behind this crazy plan to support a family with my creativity.

I started GLU3D Prints from the desire to blend technology, art, and nature. My entire rural childhood and adolescence was spent drawing, painting, and sculpting. I even attended college for both fine arts and computer animation. But the opportunity that internet technology held for me in the city during the mid-90s led me to push my creative desires to the side and pursue another interest of mine, computers.

So, here I am after 25 years of working professionally with computers and internet technology and spending the last three years obsessed with 3D printing. I’ve determined that this is the perfect medium for a small guy like me to earn a living designing and sharing physical creations with anyone. I can have an idea, design it on my computer, and make exact physical copies which work well in the garden, sitting on a desk, or hiding in a gift box. The items are colorful, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and meant to last. And we use them in our own home and share them with friends. And they love them, and now we hope others will, too.

And what do we make? Well, anything we feel is interesting, useful, or fun. I worked in the computer games industry for part of my career, and I have a love of board and history gaming. Thus, the model game terrain in our shop. We love plants and gardening and have quite a collection of them around our small property, in our raised garden and hobby greenhouse, and on my bonsai benches. Hence, our expanding Plant Containers section. (I plan to share photos and insights on these subjects on this blog.)

I’ll be adding more categories as time goes on. Our list of ideas is long, and we are always open to new ones, if you have suggestions. I’m currently working on a number of fall holiday items and look forward to revealing them soon. In the meantime, follow us at the usual places, bookmark this site, and keep an eye on it for some interesting, useful, and fun things.